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Monday, November 24, 2008

Reinforcement to sustain the change in ERP Inventory



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Reinforcement to sustain the change

Is there any time that can be used as awarding and admiring users?

We can use following times, with attention of system status, for awarding and admiring:

· Cycle count periods

· Fiscal years

what are the measures to check users' usage of the system and their progresses?

Getting report on the data, which have been input into the system by the users in all business areas, is the key tools which shows how much the system is in use. For inventory area, the reports must show the following indicators:

The entire inventory transactions, which have been entered in system, in compare with the actual transactions. This indicates how much the system in use generally.

The accuracy of inventory data in compare with the real data. This accuracy must be measured on quantity and volume. This indicates how much the users are familiar to the system.

The cost results of inventory transactions. As each inventory transaction yields accounting entries, so reporting on accounting transactions sourced from inventory is a very important indicator for the efficient use of the system.

Management reports which are showing total summaries of inventory input, output and value also indicates the system usage performance.

Getting inventory replenishment planning from the system at any given planning period indicates how good the system is in use for planning.

The time that each process of inventory takes is another important indicator. This time intervals should be compared with a target time. In addition, it can be compared over the consequent periods to evaluate the progress of system us